About Us

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Jewelry Salvage comprises of two moms that prefer the life of recycling and reusing. Michelle and Ann live in one of the most top rated beaches in Florida. Every year tons of waste is left on our beaches and hurt our turtle's environment.

Both Michelle and Ann are native to the Navarre Beach area and concerned over keeping all beaches clean. Our curiosity made us wonder what other types of damage is hurting our community and the globe. After eye opening research about the damage of fast fashion we decided to start Jewelry Salvage.

Jewelry Salvage rescues jewelry of all kinds. We purchase pallets of store returns, backstock, estate sales and small private purchases from all over the United States. Our goal is to keep unwanted jewelry out of landfills and the ocean.

Our mission is to recycle already made jewelry. These rescues are to encourage recycling, reducing fast fashion and keeping healthy products out of landfills and oceans. Reuse. Re-wear. Restyle.

Recycling old and deadstock provides a fun treasure hunt shopping experience. We receive everything from designer jewelry, fashionable baubles, vintage costume jewelry. Jewelry Salvage takes pride in reusing all pieces that arrive to us daily. Broken jewelry is recycled into crafter's bundles to provide a sustainability to future jewelry artists that have a like-minded mission.

Whether you are a collector of signed vintage jewelry or a fashionista looking for a great deal to enhance your wardrobe. Jewelry Salvage has it all here. Watching our carbon footprint with every step. Our packing materials are either made of recycled materials or reused materials from community businesses. We often barter or pick-up unwanted materials for a better carbon footprint.

Products available for sale are made from all over the world. These are products obtained by our backstock or recycled purchasing methods. We do not directly purchase products from outside of the United States.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and join in the mission to Reuse. Re-wear. Restyle. already made products to prevent the import of more fast fashion and reduce products in our landfills and oceans.

Thank you!